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Reclaim your Free Time!

May 14, 2012

Life is short… the phrase may be overused, but it’s certainly true.  Even if we live to a ripe old age of 90 or 100, it still goes by so quickly, and, well let’s face it, it’s short!

I was reminded it of it yesterday for Mother’s Day, standing next to my kiddos who are now 16 and 23… when did they get that old?!

My heroes:  my son Brandon and my daughter Cara

So, how are you spending your short life?  Are you able to enjoy each moment life brings you in a peaceful, simplified environment?  Or, are you constantly fighting the battle of the clutter, spending precious moments looking for that misplaced bottle of Elmer’s Glue or stepping over piles of laundry to get to the one clean t-shirt left in your closet?  Wouldn’t it be great to have more time to do things we want to, instead of wasting time that we could use for other activities if we were *gasp* organized?

Business statistics show that the average employee loses 1 hour per day due to disorganization.  Using that scenario to roughly calculate how much you are losing due to disorganization–take your hourly salary rate.  Now, multiply that number times 365 days per year.  (For example, if your hourly rate is $20, then $20 x 365 = $7,300 per year.)  I’m betting the results of your own estimation will be pretty staggering!  Considering that this estimate is for an employee, my guess is that it’s not even close to the amount of time lost due to our clutter at home!

So often we find ourselves saying, “if only I had time I would _______.”  What would you place in that blank?  Vacation?  Read a book?  Sleep?  Just have some good old-fashioned fun?

Getting organized can help that dream be a reality.

Reclaim your free time.  Call us, we can help.


Let’s organize the … kids?

October 6, 2011

Whether it’s repeating the well-worn phrase “clean your room!” or working your family calendar to accommodate the 15-year old’s soccer practice, the 12-year old’s trombone lessons, and the 7-year old’s ballet recital–all of which occur on the same Saturday afternoon, ALL parents face challenges when organizing their children.  And no matter if you are a single Mom with 2 young children, or married with baby #5 on the way, organization is a must to survive the crazy world of parenthood.  If your situation feels overwhelming, a professional organizer can help restore calm and peace to your world.

Recently, we were asked to help a very busy Mom organize the play room.  We’re very proud of this project, and we knew it was successful when our client’s 3-year old got out a puzzle and legos, and put both back where they belonged!  Here’s a “before” picture:

To see additional pictures, including the “after” shots, of this project, visit us on facebook:  Our Page
We’d love to help with your clutter; call us today at 469-323-5220.  We look forward to organizing your chaos!

Come on in…the pantry’s fine!

October 26, 2010

Often times a client will say, “I bet your house is really organized.”  As my mind pours over the images of laundry, dust, and yes, *gasp* some clutter in my house, I’m always quick to answer, “well somewhat, but I’m human too.  And, the old adage applies that the dentist’s kids always have the worst teeth.”

While it’s true that I’m always ahead on taking care of my clients but not as ahead on taking care of my own house, there are many areas that are organized well.  I’ve posted previously about my laundry room.  Yesterday’s trip to the grocery inspired me to post about my pantry today.  First of all, this is how it looks today:

Does it look like this all the time?  Actually, most of the time yes.  How?  Here are my top 5 tips for keeping your pantry in shape:
  1. “Packaging adds clutter.”  Just like a dry cleaner’s cover on our clothing adds clutter to our closets, boxes and bags that contain individually-wrapped items add clutter to our pantries.  In the picture you see a brown basket on the right end of a middle shelf.  That basket holds snack cakes for packing lunches.  The cup beside it holds Kool-Aid singles.  Added bonus: time savings!  If you open the box one time and empty the items into a storage container like these, you save the time spent having to open that box many times more for each item.
  2. Assign your shelves “zones.”  Breakfast items together, canned goods together, pastas and rice together, etc. not only look nice, but make it very easy to find what you’re looking for at any time.  It also helps to save money wasted on purchasing items you already have, and it also makes it easier to know when you need to add an item to the grocery list for your next shopping trip.
  3. Tiered shelving is great for making canned goods more visible.  (My inexpensive ones were purchased at WalMart; you can also find these at The Container Store).
  4. Once a month, check dates.  My kids have a knack for picking out snacks that look really tasty in the store but don’t appeal to them at home.  I just tossed a bag of macaroni-n-cheese flavored chips yesterday that had expired.  (This is one of the reasons I don’t take them with me anymore!)
  5. Cereal containers are our friends.  I buy family-size boxes of cereal for this family of 4.  The problem with cereal boxes is you can’t tell by looking at them how much is still in them.  Depending on if you have teenagers, many boxes of cereal end up back in the pantry with the tops open which contributes to stale cereal.  On the bottom shelf of my pantry, you can see the cereal containers I use.  Bonus tip: After I pour the cereal into the container, I cut the name of the cereal out of the box and tape it to the container for fast scanning of the types of cereals.
Still wish to have the help of a professional organizer?  Call us today and let us help organize your pantry’s chaos!

Freedom…just a phone call away

May 11, 2010

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your environment?  Do you feel like your home has shrunk?  Maybe that closet just doesn’t hold as much as it used to?

Whether it’s your home, your office, your car, your garage, even your patio, if you spend a lot of time there, yet feel stressed due to the clutter in that environment, then you need freedom–freedom from stress, from the physical illness that stress can cause, from the financial burden of the cost of lost time spent searching for your possessions, or worse, the cost of purchasing another item that you know you already own but can not locate immediately.

Anyone who has said, enough’s enough!” and hired a professional organizer to help them can tell you what they experienced when the organization was done– FREEDOM!  The incredible freedom you feel when you no longer have to worry about when in the world you’re ever going to have the time to organize that garage, the incredible freedom of being able to find your deposit tickets immediately in your organized office, the freedom to spend your vacation time for *gasp* vacations instead of spending your precious free time organizing your closets and attic.

And the sooner you bring in the professionals the better!  Prolonging asking for help increases the cost to you in many ways.  Procrastination causes clutter to reproduce like rabbits.  Piles become larger, space grows smaller, and the feeling of being overwhelmed looms even larger overhead.

Before the space you so desperately want to reclaim is completely consumed by the ever-growing clutter, pick up your phone now, and dial 469-323-5220.  We’re ready to help you find FREEDOM!


The lion and lamb year

December 27, 2009

This year was a combination of a lion and lamb year for us. For Organized Chaos, the year started with business coming in at a snail’s pace, and now we’re scheduled solid until February. Personally, we suffered great loss when my mother-in-law passed away, shortly after we were rejoicing over the purchase of a new home.

So many times this year I found myself saying, “there’s a reason for everything” yet I still don’t know all of those reasons, and some I may never know. But I do know quite a bit more than I did at the beginning of the year. Here are the most important awakenings I’ve had this year: 
  • Be flexible! One thing we can depend on without a doubt is change. People change their minds, the weather changes, health changes, LIFE changes! You can NOT go back and change anything that has happened in the past, but you certainly can affect your future, which leads me to the next point.
  • Be proactive! I refuse to accept the answer from anyone that they had “no choice.” There are always choices. So someone runs their pick-up into the backend of your Toyota. Do you have any choices? YES! You can choose to say, “why do bad things always happen to me?” or you can choose to say, “awesome, apparently a new car is in my future!” A former Pastor’s wife used to tell me that when she was stuck in a traffic jam, she tried not to look at it as something that was ruining her day. Instead, she said, “Yay! I’m in a parade!” Life truly is made up of choices, and we always have them. No choice is just not an acceptable answer to me anymore.
  • Be open to opportunity! Friends of ours who had suffered job loss in their home were facing losing their house. I was simply floored by the statement my friend made when we were talking about the possibility of them heading to a shelter. She said, “well, if we end up in a shelter, it’s because God must want us to witness to someone there.” I was ashamed as I know for sure that would not have been my attitude. But truly, there are situations that seem fruitless to us, that ultimately end up being an eternal benefit for which we may never see the results, but they happen just the same.
  • Be accepting of help! Life is too short to stress ourselves out over not being able to get everything done that we need to do. It’s OK to ask a friend to help you with cleaning your home for a dinner party, or saying yes to the friend who, during a chaotic move, asks, “Can I help with anything?”
I’m so thankful for all of these life lessons, as well as to the people who taught them to me. And I’m definitely thankful for the swell in business, even though it’s shortened my family time for the time being. In the end, it all balances; after all, there’s a reason for everything!

What Do You Appreciate?

November 18, 2009

I thought about starting one of those blogs like… “In this time of Thanksgiving, our thoughts turn to our wonderful clients like you…” Now, while those sentiments are very true, the language is so cliche’ that I wanted to gag just writing those words! Instead, I thought I’d open up the question to you, the readers. What do you appreciate?

I appreciate so many things, and yes, I may sound cliche’ in some of those things. But maybe – just maybe – some items will make you say, “Oh YEAH, I forgot about that…I appreciate that too!” Let me hear from you!
I appreciate:
1) A God who continues to show unbelievable grace despite my attempts to totally take control over every aspect of my life.
2) Children who overwhelm me with pride and love so beyond any comprehension. I joke sometimes that I don’t know how we ended up with such great children–they didn’t get it from us! But I know part of that answer is that my children never really had just two parents, they had 3. Their father, their mother, and their Heavenly Father.
3) A husband with a loyalty to his family and a desire to do the best he can, or at least die trying. I’ve told him before, so it is no surprise for me to say this to him, but I’ve never had a moment with him that I didn’t feel safe from outside harm or from the future “unknowns.” He is a strong man, and I know he would protect his family without a second thought.
4) Every single client–from the very first one to the ones currently in our calendar through *gulp* the end of the year! We absolutely have the best clients who honor us by trusting us to take care of organizing their possessions, whether it’s important documents in a government office or grandma’s china in a kitchen. The faith and trust our clients place in me and anyone working with me will always swell my heart with pride. Thank you!

5) This body of mine. Ok, yes, there are many areas I’d like to um… fine tune or at least return the extra pounds and wrinkles that were so abundantly provided to me. But, these legs have been strong when breaking shelving apart to get them to regulatory size for the dump, these arms have been able to hold up fixtures for the installer, this back has endured many moments of lifting, shoving, and every single time that I really shouldn’t have moved the item that I did. These lungs keep breathing no matter the dust elements to which they are exposed, although sometimes it takes a little recovery time. And this brain manages to envision a gorgeous office space or a redesigned living room before we ever move our first piece of paper or photo album. This is absolutely another area in which I am blessed.

6) That other person that so many of my clients are able to experience during the organization process–Julia. I appreciate her incredible physical strength and intense focus. I’ve been told many times that Julia balances me, and I believe that is true. Where my weaknesses lie, Julia’s strengths step in, and vice versa.
7) Texas scenery. I’ve often said that I’ve never seen a sky as big as a Texas sky. The weather cooperates so often to allow us to feel like we can literally see forever. As new clients retain us, we get to drive to areas we hadn’t before, and recently that included an incredible drive through a canopy of trees.  And of course, this picture taken with my phone fails to even begin to capture its majesty.
8)  Family that I know loves me.  Two brothers and a sister, a brother-in-law and sister-in-law and their spouses, Mom, Dad, and Dad (I’m blessed with 2!), my 91-yr.-old grandmother, 6 absolutely gorgeous nieces, 3 handsome nephews, and a HUGE variety of Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and even grand nieces.  The picture at the left is from last Thanksgiving where one side of my family all meet at a local high school cafeteria so we can fit everyone in the same room!  Since none of these family members live in Texas, I miss them all deeply every day.
9)  Friends who sustain me when family or events disappoint me.  Let’s face it, stuff happens, especially with those closest to us.  Thank God for the friends you can call to cry on their shoulder, and vent relentlessly when the ears that really should be receptive are closed.
10)  Last but not least… everything else.  HA  But really, it’s true.  I started the list thinking I’d just jot a few things down that I appreciate, but as I type, more and more thoughts are in my head.  My sense of humor has sustained me through quite a lot of dark times.  And what about the cars that continue to get us through safe travel, what about the fact we’ve never had to endure a major illness or disease or natural event in our immediately family?  Then there’s church we attend and how great the people there are–how it’s awesome to find a place where you can be involved in so many parts and totally love the pastoral staff?  And wait, I appreciate the relatives who have already moved on…the grandmother who taught me so much about spirituality, and my Mother-in-law and Father-in-law who shared their passion for NASCAR and Indy racing with us.  Oh I can’t forget about the motorcycle in my husband’s garage…although with a damaged pinched nerve in my husband’s right arm at the moment, the bike is not traveling much these days. And I appreciate other Organizers for their support and inspiration.
Whether you’re going somewhere for Thanksgiving, or sitting on your own couch with a turkey sandwich to watch the Cowboys stomp on Oakland, my prayer for you would be that you appreciate all you’ve been given as well.  Hug your family, call up an old friend, and know that I appreciate the fact that you read this blog.  Happy Thanksgiving!

I Ain’t Skeered!

October 18, 2009

The day before I was to begin organizing for a new client last week, she called to tell me that her street was being worked on so much to the point I may have to drive through a yard or two to get to her home. My reply was quick, “I have a Jeep; I Ain’t Skeered!” As I hung up the phone, I reflected on a conversation that my subcontractor, Julia, and I have had on more that one occasion when she told me that she hasn’t worked with anyone as fearless as me. “You’re not afraid of any situation and you’re not afraid to try something that I may think is impossible!” is what she told me.

Perhaps that’s part of why I love my job–I’m not afraid to do it. After all, you can’t know that something does or doesn’t work if you don’t try it first.

This doesn’t mean that there haven’t been times that I was afraid during my job. Once, while working in a closet, I moved some paper and 2″-long cockroach scurried across the shelf. I dropped the paper and screamed of course. And while my fear of the roach did not dissipate; I was NOT afraid to deal with the situation. I put a ziploc bag on my hand wrongside out and caught that fiesty creature, pulled the bag up around it, sealed it and delivered the package to my client so that she could show her exterminator.

I try to help instill the “I can do this” trait in my clients. For some, change is very difficult. I remind them that they can do it, and revisit how getting organized will help them free themselves from the bondage of clutter. I’ve been through enough transformations to know that it does work out, and that anything is possible…especially if You Ain’t Skeered!


Taking a Chance

October 6, 2009

This may be a little too “churchy” for some…but I firmly believe this demonstrates a very strong point of getting organized.  A video was shown in our church on Sunday to emphasize how God changes our lives.  In the video, God uses a hammer and chisel to remove the “baggage” of our pasts to reveal the true masterpiece within.  What has stuck in my mind since then is that this is how getting organized is for some people.  For some it’s painful to go through the necessary changes to become more organized in their lives.  Perhaps the painful part is letting go of “stuff” or possessions; but for many, the pain is just adjusting to change of any type.  It could be just moving a bed from one wall of a bedroom to another, or moving a desk that’s been in a spare bedroom for 10 years and never used to the hallway where it is used to store linens and display photos.  The result is a better use of an item or space, yet it’s painful because there was change.  But as all of our clients have found, the pain is short-lived, because the results feel better than anything they could have imagined!

Here’s the video in point–enjoy!



September 20, 2009

September 13, 2006, was the day that I walked into the McKinney Court House and filed the documents necesary to officially register Organized Chaos as my company name.  Over these past three years, we have been in interesting situations, met fascinating people, and seen amazing transformations–not only in our client’s lives, but in our own.  No matter the situation–good, bad, or ugly–every step of the way has been an incredible journey that I wouldn’t miss again for anything.

But if truth be told, the technical start date should be April 25, 2006.  On that day, I was perusing my daily email from, and noticed a post for an overwhelmed photographer working out of her home and pregnant with her third child.  She was looking for assistance in gaining control of her office and getting systems set up to be better organized.  At that time, I didn’t even realize “Professional Organizers” existed.  I just knew her plight was something for which I had strong skills, and I responded to her post with an offer to help.

I try to remember the saying, “God’s timing is perfect” but I know He was winking at me last week when I found myself back at the photographer’s home three years later (almost to the day!) working in her garage to set up a “shipping center” for her business.  Coincidence for me to be there so close to an anniversary of our time together?  I don’t think so!

Who knew that a simple posting on a website would not only turn into a long-term friendship, but also a complete life change for me and my mission in life?  As a bonus, through a referral to one of her clients, I developed another friendship which I have come to treasure a great deal.  To the two D’s of my client world, here’s to you!

It’s been a huge blessing to be able to help so many gain control of their spaces, their paperwork, their lives…and a complete honor to be the one selected to serve.  To all clients of Organized Chaos–THANK YOU!  YOU ROCK!


The Horror of Hoarding

September 3, 2009

Three episodes have been aired by A&E of a seven-episode series called “Hoarders” (Mondays at 10pm ET/PT).  I have my dvr set to record every episode and have watched the first two so far.  As a human, my initial reaction is to recoil in shock when I see the environments in which the subjects of this series are living.  I can’t imagine not being able to walk through my home without stepping on rotting food or trash, but that was exactly the challenge of one of the subjects profiled.

On the flip side, as a Professional Organizer, my initial response is to get my tools and organizing solutions packed in my car and head to the location of each person shown.  I have told my clients, and I honestly do feel, that the most satisfying part of my job is the end…when the client looks at the results of a project and says, “WOW!  This is AWESOME!” (or as one client put it, “YOU ROCK!”).  Knowing that a client’s life situations are easier to handle after organization efforts are complete, coupled with the fact that organization helps my clients save money, is intoxicating.  In a nutshell, empowering my clients through organization is my true goal.

During my attendance at the 2008 conference for NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers), I heard the term NSGCD, and learned it stands for National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization.  However, I was new to the profession of organizing in general and didn’t feel that I was quite ready to venture into specialist groups just yet.  “Hoarders” has blown the lid off of my sheltered mind to allow me to really see what the need is for the NSGCD.  What I am discovering about myself after watching only two episodes of “Hoarders” is that I am anxious to learn more about how to work with this very specialized group of people.  And while it is a specialized group, the statistics are mind-boggling regarding just how widespread chronic disorganization is.

So, I have downloaded every available piece of information that I could from the NSGCD’s website, and am going to be learning as much as I can about the skills needed to help those suffering from chronic disorganization.  And hopefully soon, I’ll be able to empower the victims to overcome this debilitating mental illness so that they are no longer victims, and instead they are survivors.

You can click here to view more information about the show.  If you’re able, I strongly encourage you to watch the next episode of “Hoarders.”  After all, awareness is what the show is all about.

Until next time…

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