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Home Office 101

March 25, 2014

Home Office 101.


Lucy… you have some ‘splainin’ to do….

May 30, 2013

If you’ve ever looked into hiring a Professional Organizer, you may have noticed that many of them recommend working in three- or four-hour increments. If you follow us here or on our Facebook page, you may have seen tips instructing you to set a timer for 15, 20, or 30 minutes to tackle some of your clutter. We can hear you now, “Wait a minute! Three or four hours for the professionals but only 15 minutes for me? Please explain!”

There are a few factors that explain the time recommendations and why they are different:

  1. When you are faced with an overwhelming amount of clutter to tackle on your own, it is recommended that you set a timer for 15 or 20 minutes to focus on a portion of the clutter regularly, either each day or week… whatever is going to work for you. The smaller amount of time is recommended so that the task doesn’t seem so impossible. If it was recommended that you schedule four hours per week to catch up on filing paperwork or clearing out the master closet, you may decide (and possibly already have) to keep living with the clutter longer instead.
  2. When you invest in a Professional Organizer, you’re not only investing in their time, you’re investing in their expertise and skill. There is preparation time put into each appointment. It’s a better investment in their time if you have their help for a “chunk” versus one or two hours. It’s also a better use of their time if they prepare for a four-hour job than if they prepare for two separate two-hour jobs. And of course it saves on their fuel cost for traveling to your location.
  3. By selecting a Professional Organizer who specializes in your organization challenge, i.e. garages or paperwork, the value of those three- or four-hour sessions increases exponentially as they are able to do so much more in less time.
  4. A byproduct of investing in a Professional Organizer is that you also acquire organization skills through the process.

Of course, no matter how much time you devote to getting organized, it’s better than none at all. So if that kitchen counter is driving you crazy because it’s covered in clutter, set a timer now for 20 minutes and do what you can. Or, if you’re ready to not only get the clutter off of your counter but also get your kitchen organized to avoid the clutter in the future, call us. As always, we look forward to organizing your chaos!


Pain means Progress

July 12, 2011

Recently I was at the dentist for whitening and fitting for Invisalign braces.  While my lips were stretched open into a strange grimace for 40 minutes while my breathing sounded somewhat Darth Vader-like, I was thinking, “Boy what pain we go through to feel better about ourselves!”  In that dentist’s chair, it occurred to me that most things that bring us true progress cause some pain.  Perhaps we have to move on from an unhealthy relationship–even when it’s for our best, we still mourn the loss of that person in our lives.  Moving to a new state?  It hurts to leave our friends, and sometimes our families, in our wake.

With this in mind, it makes sense that it’s more than likely going to be somewhat painful to get organized.  The type of pain one suffers during the organization of their possessions is different for everyone.  Just having your stuff touched or moved at all can cause stress to some.  During the sorting process, depending on the level of sorting, items may be in stacks, piles, or bins around a room.  Just walking into that room during the sorting process may be enough to cause pain for many.  (I have several clients who choose to not be part of that step as it’s too stressful for them.)  For others, the actual “letting go” of items is very stressful.  That quilt from Aunt Ursula which now contains holes strategically placed by mice–and perhaps other signs of their living there–is now unhealthy to hold onto, but hard to let go of just the same.

However, just like losing 50 pounds can result in years added to your lifespan, the progress achieved will be amazing enough to supersede the pain.  In its place will be previously-unrealized joy!  The empowering freedom you will feel from having gone through the process to attain this new place in your life will be immeasurable, and well worth it.  So jump in, let’s organize the chaos.  I’ll be smiling at you the entire time with straight, white teeth.

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