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The Cart Can’t Pull The Horse!

August 3, 2013

One of the firm beliefs of Organized Chaos is that you do NOT buy products to solve clutter problems until after you know exactly how much of something you have to store.  Buying a new container because it’s “cute and can surely be used for something” is like throwing gasoline on a campfire.  That cute container has now just become part of your clutter problem instead of the solution!

Gift Wrap Closet–Before

This belief was reinforced during one of this week’s projects for a whole-home organization.  Our client had purchased an Elfa system from The Container Store for gift wrap, but then did not follow through with setting it up to be a storage solution; thus, it had become part of the clutter.

Gift Wrap Closet--After

Gift Wrap Closet–After

After emptying the entire closet contents, grouping like things together, and adding a few missing components (a drawer organizer, melamine tops, label holders, and labels), this closet is a gift-wrappers dream!  We were also able to use some bins that had been emptied in other rooms for storage solutions.  Now, in this gift wrap closet, everything has its place, and there’s a place for everything.

If your space has more problems than solutions, click here to schedule a complimentary needs assessment.  We look forward to organizing your chaos!


Lucy… you have some ‘splainin’ to do….

May 30, 2013

If you’ve ever looked into hiring a Professional Organizer, you may have noticed that many of them recommend working in three- or four-hour increments. If you follow us here or on our Facebook page, you may have seen tips instructing you to set a timer for 15, 20, or 30 minutes to tackle some of your clutter. We can hear you now, “Wait a minute! Three or four hours for the professionals but only 15 minutes for me? Please explain!”

There are a few factors that explain the time recommendations and why they are different:

  1. When you are faced with an overwhelming amount of clutter to tackle on your own, it is recommended that you set a timer for 15 or 20 minutes to focus on a portion of the clutter regularly, either each day or week… whatever is going to work for you. The smaller amount of time is recommended so that the task doesn’t seem so impossible. If it was recommended that you schedule four hours per week to catch up on filing paperwork or clearing out the master closet, you may decide (and possibly already have) to keep living with the clutter longer instead.
  2. When you invest in a Professional Organizer, you’re not only investing in their time, you’re investing in their expertise and skill. There is preparation time put into each appointment. It’s a better investment in their time if you have their help for a “chunk” versus one or two hours. It’s also a better use of their time if they prepare for a four-hour job than if they prepare for two separate two-hour jobs. And of course it saves on their fuel cost for traveling to your location.
  3. By selecting a Professional Organizer who specializes in your organization challenge, i.e. garages or paperwork, the value of those three- or four-hour sessions increases exponentially as they are able to do so much more in less time.
  4. A byproduct of investing in a Professional Organizer is that you also acquire organization skills through the process.

Of course, no matter how much time you devote to getting organized, it’s better than none at all. So if that kitchen counter is driving you crazy because it’s covered in clutter, set a timer now for 20 minutes and do what you can. Or, if you’re ready to not only get the clutter off of your counter but also get your kitchen organized to avoid the clutter in the future, call us. As always, we look forward to organizing your chaos!


Happy NewValentineIndependenceHanukkah!

December 18, 2012

Relatives, gifts, and decorations OH MY!  The holidays are stressful to many; a stressful topic for me specifically is trying to figure out what gifts are fitting for the people on my list.  However, one thing that does not stress me out is finding my decorations.  They’re grouped together in my attic with clearly-labeled containers announcing their contents.  This year, a busy schedule did not allow me to decorate as much as I would have preferred, but it was easy to pull the items that I did want to display.

When venturing into your storage area this holiday season, were you able to quickly pick out the desired decorations in 10 minutes or less?  Or is Aunt Flo’s wedding dress tangled up with your inflatable Great Pumpkin wedged somewhere under a plastic reindeer?

Now is the ideal time to organize attics in Texas.  The temperatures are much easier to endure during organization than the near-100 temperatures of our summer (and much of spring and fall)!

Organized Chaos would love to help with your attic organization.  Peek into an attic organization from our files:


And the opposite end of the attic:


If you would like to have organized holidays, call us today at 469-323-5220.  We look forward to organizing your chaos!


Crafty Clutter Be Gone!

July 3, 2010
I am often asked what is my favorite area to organize.  While offices are my specialty, I really don’t have a huge favorite.  I’m more interested in what area needs my help the most.  This project was so much fun for Organized Chaos!  The homeowner is crafty–she scrapbooks, sews, quilts, and so much more.  The beginning pictures were actually taken after we had already removed some items, but I think you’ll agree that this room would make anyone want to take up crafting!  Here’s the “before” pictures:
And here’s the “after” shots:

Freedom…just a phone call away

May 11, 2010

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your environment?  Do you feel like your home has shrunk?  Maybe that closet just doesn’t hold as much as it used to?

Whether it’s your home, your office, your car, your garage, even your patio, if you spend a lot of time there, yet feel stressed due to the clutter in that environment, then you need freedom–freedom from stress, from the physical illness that stress can cause, from the financial burden of the cost of lost time spent searching for your possessions, or worse, the cost of purchasing another item that you know you already own but can not locate immediately.

Anyone who has said, enough’s enough!” and hired a professional organizer to help them can tell you what they experienced when the organization was done– FREEDOM!  The incredible freedom you feel when you no longer have to worry about when in the world you’re ever going to have the time to organize that garage, the incredible freedom of being able to find your deposit tickets immediately in your organized office, the freedom to spend your vacation time for *gasp* vacations instead of spending your precious free time organizing your closets and attic.

And the sooner you bring in the professionals the better!  Prolonging asking for help increases the cost to you in many ways.  Procrastination causes clutter to reproduce like rabbits.  Piles become larger, space grows smaller, and the feeling of being overwhelmed looms even larger overhead.

Before the space you so desperately want to reclaim is completely consumed by the ever-growing clutter, pick up your phone now, and dial 469-323-5220.  We’re ready to help you find FREEDOM!

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