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December 18, 2012

Relatives, gifts, and decorations OH MY!  The holidays are stressful to many; a stressful topic for me specifically is trying to figure out what gifts are fitting for the people on my list.  However, one thing that does not stress me out is finding my decorations.  They’re grouped together in my attic with clearly-labeled containers announcing their contents.  This year, a busy schedule did not allow me to decorate as much as I would have preferred, but it was easy to pull the items that I did want to display.

When venturing into your storage area this holiday season, were you able to quickly pick out the desired decorations in 10 minutes or less?  Or is Aunt Flo’s wedding dress tangled up with your inflatable Great Pumpkin wedged somewhere under a plastic reindeer?

Now is the ideal time to organize attics in Texas.  The temperatures are much easier to endure during organization than the near-100 temperatures of our summer (and much of spring and fall)!

Organized Chaos would love to help with your attic organization.  Peek into an attic organization from our files:


And the opposite end of the attic:


If you would like to have organized holidays, call us today at 469-323-5220.  We look forward to organizing your chaos!

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