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Message in a Bottle

July 24, 2012

I recently discovered this interesting story about a message in a bottle returned to its sender after 35 years. It started me thinking, if you could send a message that your future self would receive 35 years from now, what would it say? What would you want those 35 years to look like? Will they be filled with clutter and the eternal stress caused by the fruitless desire “to get organized one of these days”? Do you want to look back on that constant struggle with clutter and see that it was stealing your time away from your children, your vacation time, or just plain, well-deserved rest?

So many clichés come to mind, among them:  “life is short,” “carpe diem,” and “live for today.” Yet, even though these statements are quoted so often, we are still so busy working around–and going through–our STUFF, we can’t really benefit from their wisdom.

In a recent article in the Boston Globe, researchers have discovered that “Managing the volume of possessions is such a crushing problem in many homes that it elevates levels of stress hormones for mothers.” I have clients who can attest that fathers are unhealthily affected just as badly.

So, go forward 35 years and look back to what those years look like for you. If you can’t see the rest because of the stress, call us 469-323-5220. Let us help organize your chaos! 

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