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“But aren’t you just like a cleaning company?”

June 18, 2012

A common misconception is that Professional Organizers do the same job as a cleaning company.  Au contraire, there are very distinct differences in their responsibilities.  While a cleaning company employs experts at ridding your home of dirt and bacteria, Professional Organizers help assess your clutter, counsel you through separating from some of it if necessary, and are able to come up with creative ways to store what you keep.  An experienced Organizer knows that no two clients are the same; thus, the organization solution may be different for each.

There is a way that the two fields are similar:  just as no two cleaning companies are the same, neither are two Organizers.  They may have closely-related styles, but personalities, backgrounds, and training affect the way an Organizer chooses to work with their clients.  I once heard it said that what can seal the deal for a client to agree to work with an Organizer is the Organizer’s personality.  I believe this to be true.  But in addition to their personality, the Organizer’s experience level should also be considered, as well as references from previous clients.  Perhaps the client needs an Organizer who specializes in their particular challenge, i.e. senior relocation or hoarding.  Many Organizers choose to become Certified Professional Organizers which adds to their credibility.

There are many facets to the experience level of a Professional Organizer.  If you’re looking for one to help you with your clutter challenges, a great resource to help you in the process can be found here.

If you’d like for Organized Chaos to be one of the companies you interview, we’d be happy to schedule a Needs Assessment at your earliest convenience.  Call us today.  We look forward to organizing your chaos!

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