Come on in…the pantry’s fine!

October 26, 2010

Often times a client will say, “I bet your house is really organized.”  As my mind pours over the images of laundry, dust, and yes, *gasp* some clutter in my house, I’m always quick to answer, “well somewhat, but I’m human too.  And, the old adage applies that the dentist’s kids always have the worst teeth.”

While it’s true that I’m always ahead on taking care of my clients but not as ahead on taking care of my own house, there are many areas that are organized well.  I’ve posted previously about my laundry room.  Yesterday’s trip to the grocery inspired me to post about my pantry today.  First of all, this is how it looks today:

Does it look like this all the time?  Actually, most of the time yes.  How?  Here are my top 5 tips for keeping your pantry in shape:
  1. “Packaging adds clutter.”  Just like a dry cleaner’s cover on our clothing adds clutter to our closets, boxes and bags that contain individually-wrapped items add clutter to our pantries.  In the picture you see a brown basket on the right end of a middle shelf.  That basket holds snack cakes for packing lunches.  The cup beside it holds Kool-Aid singles.  Added bonus: time savings!  If you open the box one time and empty the items into a storage container like these, you save the time spent having to open that box many times more for each item.
  2. Assign your shelves “zones.”  Breakfast items together, canned goods together, pastas and rice together, etc. not only look nice, but make it very easy to find what you’re looking for at any time.  It also helps to save money wasted on purchasing items you already have, and it also makes it easier to know when you need to add an item to the grocery list for your next shopping trip.
  3. Tiered shelving is great for making canned goods more visible.  (My inexpensive ones were purchased at WalMart; you can also find these at The Container Store).
  4. Once a month, check dates.  My kids have a knack for picking out snacks that look really tasty in the store but don’t appeal to them at home.  I just tossed a bag of macaroni-n-cheese flavored chips yesterday that had expired.  (This is one of the reasons I don’t take them with me anymore!)
  5. Cereal containers are our friends.  I buy family-size boxes of cereal for this family of 4.  The problem with cereal boxes is you can’t tell by looking at them how much is still in them.  Depending on if you have teenagers, many boxes of cereal end up back in the pantry with the tops open which contributes to stale cereal.  On the bottom shelf of my pantry, you can see the cereal containers I use.  Bonus tip: After I pour the cereal into the container, I cut the name of the cereal out of the box and tape it to the container for fast scanning of the types of cereals.
Still wish to have the help of a professional organizer?  Call us today and let us help organize your pantry’s chaos!


  1. Great pantry tips! Thanks for sharing! The only way mine would stay like that is if I put a lock on it to keep my kidlets out of it! 😉

  2. Thanks for all the tips on how to keep an organized pantry. After reading this is made me want to organize my kitchen cabinets this weekend. =)

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