Is the Easter Bunny Hiding Pumpkins in Your Christmas Tree?

October 15, 2010

I spent last weekend decorating our front yard.  It’s not extravagant–I save that for Christmas–but it’s festive.  I knew exactly where my scarecrows were stored in the garage, and pulled the rest of my fall decorations out of the closet where I keep them.  I believe the total time it took was about 30 minutes, only because I had to hot glue some of the scarecrows’ clothing back together.

If we were to venture into your storage areas right now, would we be able to quickly pick out the decorations for Thanksgiving in 10 minutes or less?  Or is Aunt Flo’s wedding dress tangled up with your inflatable Great Pumpkin wedged somewhere under a plastic reindeer?

A client of ours recently asked us to return to her home to organize her attic.  She was no longer able to tell which boxes contained which holidays and it was becoming overwhelming for her.  We’re always thrilled to be asked back to a client, and this was the 4th project we completed for her.  (The home office, storage closet, and garage all have been organized by us.)  But the best part of this project was that we came in under our client’s budget by almost $150!

I think you’ll agree with our client that this was a great investment that will save her a lot of time in the future!

Here’s one end of the attic:



 And the opposite end of the attic:


If you ready for your holidays to be organized, call us today.  We look forward to organizing your chaos!

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