Hands On Office Organization

July 15, 2010

Every client is different in their approach to getting rid of clutter.  Some say, “I don’t want to see what you do, just get rid of it and then show me how to keep the organization in place.”  (Some clients actually leave and come back at the end of the day.)  Many are involved by helping in the process when they can and/or being available to answer questions.  It’s always up to the client, but we remind them that the more they’re involved, the less it will cost them for our services.

This client made the most of her time and her investment in professional organization services by being “hands on” the entire time.  A retired Grandmother who now wants to devote her time to watching her cherub of a granddaughter and her super-friendly chihuahua named Killer, she needed her home office to be organized for bill paying and working on her multiple hobbies.  I’ll be returning once more to install some curtains on the windows, but I couldn’t wait to show the finished organization project.  Love the space created by this one!

Before pictures:

Here are the after pics:

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