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What Do You Appreciate?

November 18, 2009

I thought about starting one of those blogs like… “In this time of Thanksgiving, our thoughts turn to our wonderful clients like you…” Now, while those sentiments are very true, the language is so cliche’ that I wanted to gag just writing those words! Instead, I thought I’d open up the question to you, the readers. What do you appreciate?

I appreciate so many things, and yes, I may sound cliche’ in some of those things. But maybe – just maybe – some items will make you say, “Oh YEAH, I forgot about that…I appreciate that too!” Let me hear from you!
I appreciate:
1) A God who continues to show unbelievable grace despite my attempts to totally take control over every aspect of my life.
2) Children who overwhelm me with pride and love so beyond any comprehension. I joke sometimes that I don’t know how we ended up with such great children–they didn’t get it from us! But I know part of that answer is that my children never really had just two parents, they had 3. Their father, their mother, and their Heavenly Father.
3) A husband with a loyalty to his family and a desire to do the best he can, or at least die trying. I’ve told him before, so it is no surprise for me to say this to him, but I’ve never had a moment with him that I didn’t feel safe from outside harm or from the future “unknowns.” He is a strong man, and I know he would protect his family without a second thought.
4) Every single client–from the very first one to the ones currently in our calendar through *gulp* the end of the year! We absolutely have the best clients who honor us by trusting us to take care of organizing their possessions, whether it’s important documents in a government office or grandma’s china in a kitchen. The faith and trust our clients place in me and anyone working with me will always swell my heart with pride. Thank you!

5) This body of mine. Ok, yes, there are many areas I’d like to um… fine tune or at least return the extra pounds and wrinkles that were so abundantly provided to me. But, these legs have been strong when breaking shelving apart to get them to regulatory size for the dump, these arms have been able to hold up fixtures for the installer, this back has endured many moments of lifting, shoving, and every single time that I really shouldn’t have moved the item that I did. These lungs keep breathing no matter the dust elements to which they are exposed, although sometimes it takes a little recovery time. And this brain manages to envision a gorgeous office space or a redesigned living room before we ever move our first piece of paper or photo album. This is absolutely another area in which I am blessed.

6) That other person that so many of my clients are able to experience during the organization process–Julia. I appreciate her incredible physical strength and intense focus. I’ve been told many times that Julia balances me, and I believe that is true. Where my weaknesses lie, Julia’s strengths step in, and vice versa.
7) Texas scenery. I’ve often said that I’ve never seen a sky as big as a Texas sky. The weather cooperates so often to allow us to feel like we can literally see forever. As new clients retain us, we get to drive to areas we hadn’t before, and recently that included an incredible drive through a canopy of trees.  And of course, this picture taken with my phone fails to even begin to capture its majesty.
8)  Family that I know loves me.  Two brothers and a sister, a brother-in-law and sister-in-law and their spouses, Mom, Dad, and Dad (I’m blessed with 2!), my 91-yr.-old grandmother, 6 absolutely gorgeous nieces, 3 handsome nephews, and a HUGE variety of Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and even grand nieces.  The picture at the left is from last Thanksgiving where one side of my family all meet at a local high school cafeteria so we can fit everyone in the same room!  Since none of these family members live in Texas, I miss them all deeply every day.
9)  Friends who sustain me when family or events disappoint me.  Let’s face it, stuff happens, especially with those closest to us.  Thank God for the friends you can call to cry on their shoulder, and vent relentlessly when the ears that really should be receptive are closed.
10)  Last but not least… everything else.  HA  But really, it’s true.  I started the list thinking I’d just jot a few things down that I appreciate, but as I type, more and more thoughts are in my head.  My sense of humor has sustained me through quite a lot of dark times.  And what about the cars that continue to get us through safe travel, what about the fact we’ve never had to endure a major illness or disease or natural event in our immediately family?  Then there’s church we attend and how great the people there are–how it’s awesome to find a place where you can be involved in so many parts and totally love the pastoral staff?  And wait, I appreciate the relatives who have already moved on…the grandmother who taught me so much about spirituality, and my Mother-in-law and Father-in-law who shared their passion for NASCAR and Indy racing with us.  Oh I can’t forget about the motorcycle in my husband’s garage…although with a damaged pinched nerve in my husband’s right arm at the moment, the bike is not traveling much these days. And I appreciate other Organizers for their support and inspiration.
Whether you’re going somewhere for Thanksgiving, or sitting on your own couch with a turkey sandwich to watch the Cowboys stomp on Oakland, my prayer for you would be that you appreciate all you’ve been given as well.  Hug your family, call up an old friend, and know that I appreciate the fact that you read this blog.  Happy Thanksgiving!
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