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I Ain’t Skeered!

October 18, 2009

The day before I was to begin organizing for a new client last week, she called to tell me that her street was being worked on so much to the point I may have to drive through a yard or two to get to her home. My reply was quick, “I have a Jeep; I Ain’t Skeered!” As I hung up the phone, I reflected on a conversation that my subcontractor, Julia, and I have had on more that one occasion when she told me that she hasn’t worked with anyone as fearless as me. “You’re not afraid of any situation and you’re not afraid to try something that I may think is impossible!” is what she told me.

Perhaps that’s part of why I love my job–I’m not afraid to do it. After all, you can’t know that something does or doesn’t work if you don’t try it first.

This doesn’t mean that there haven’t been times that I was afraid during my job. Once, while working in a closet, I moved some paper and 2″-long cockroach scurried across the shelf. I dropped the paper and screamed of course. And while my fear of the roach did not dissipate; I was NOT afraid to deal with the situation. I put a ziploc bag on my hand wrongside out and caught that fiesty creature, pulled the bag up around it, sealed it and delivered the package to my client so that she could show her exterminator.

I try to help instill the “I can do this” trait in my clients. For some, change is very difficult. I remind them that they can do it, and revisit how getting organized will help them free themselves from the bondage of clutter. I’ve been through enough transformations to know that it does work out, and that anything is possible…especially if You Ain’t Skeered!


Taking a Chance

October 6, 2009

This may be a little too “churchy” for some…but I firmly believe this demonstrates a very strong point of getting organized.  A video was shown in our church on Sunday to emphasize how God changes our lives.  In the video, God uses a hammer and chisel to remove the “baggage” of our pasts to reveal the true masterpiece within.  What has stuck in my mind since then is that this is how getting organized is for some people.  For some it’s painful to go through the necessary changes to become more organized in their lives.  Perhaps the painful part is letting go of “stuff” or possessions; but for many, the pain is just adjusting to change of any type.  It could be just moving a bed from one wall of a bedroom to another, or moving a desk that’s been in a spare bedroom for 10 years and never used to the hallway where it is used to store linens and display photos.  The result is a better use of an item or space, yet it’s painful because there was change.  But as all of our clients have found, the pain is short-lived, because the results feel better than anything they could have imagined!

Here’s the video in point–enjoy!

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