September 20, 2009

September 13, 2006, was the day that I walked into the McKinney Court House and filed the documents necesary to officially register Organized Chaos as my company name.  Over these past three years, we have been in interesting situations, met fascinating people, and seen amazing transformations–not only in our client’s lives, but in our own.  No matter the situation–good, bad, or ugly–every step of the way has been an incredible journey that I wouldn’t miss again for anything.

But if truth be told, the technical start date should be April 25, 2006.  On that day, I was perusing my daily email from mamasource.com, and noticed a post for an overwhelmed photographer working out of her home and pregnant with her third child.  She was looking for assistance in gaining control of her office and getting systems set up to be better organized.  At that time, I didn’t even realize “Professional Organizers” existed.  I just knew her plight was something for which I had strong skills, and I responded to her post with an offer to help.

I try to remember the saying, “God’s timing is perfect” but I know He was winking at me last week when I found myself back at the photographer’s home three years later (almost to the day!) working in her garage to set up a “shipping center” for her business.  Coincidence for me to be there so close to an anniversary of our time together?  I don’t think so!

Who knew that a simple posting on a website would not only turn into a long-term friendship, but also a complete life change for me and my mission in life?  As a bonus, through a referral to one of her clients, I developed another friendship which I have come to treasure a great deal.  To the two D’s of my client world, here’s to you!

It’s been a huge blessing to be able to help so many gain control of their spaces, their paperwork, their lives…and a complete honor to be the one selected to serve.  To all clients of Organized Chaos–THANK YOU!  YOU ROCK!

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