A New Definition

July 1, 2009

“Do you know what ‘Chaos’ stands for?” my friend and fellow organizer Trish Lengen asked me at lunch yesterday.

“No, tell me,” I answered.

She smiled and replied:

C an’t H ave A nyone O ver S yndrome

Of course we laughed, but as funny as this bit of humor is, unfortunately chaos does control our lives in this way. We feel overwhelmed by the clutter and mess and feel we Can’t Have Anyone Over. I’m often told by clients when referring to their organization challenges “I’m so embarassed.” or I’m asked “Is this the worst you’ve ever seen?”

The truth is, even the best organizers have, or have had, challenges with organization. Especially with life in this day and age, things happen so quickly and schedules are so hurried, that time gets away from us. We get so busy that we’re stacking a pile of magazines here or school papers to review there. We’re throwing the scraps of material from a recent craft into the bottom of a closet because we don’t know what else to do with it. To me, time is the biggest enemy of those who wish to be better organized but can’t seem to do it.

The good news is that Professional Organizers like Organized Chaos are ready and waiting for your call to help you to overcome this Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome. We’re looking forward to conquering your chaos!

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